Nine Fridays Seminar

Laojia Paochui (Cannon Fist Form)

with Karel & Eva Koskuba

This seminar will give the students an opportunity to learn, or to improve, the second Laojia form - Paochui.

The first Chen Taijiquan form trains how to use qi - movement and posture guided by intent yi. The second form builds on this to train jin - skilled or refined strength and in particular fa-jin - explosive power release. Students will learn the moves slowly at first and then gradually speed up the moves so that they can experience the fast moves with correct alignment and power.

Participants in the seminar must know the first Laojia form (74-move form).

When:19:00 to 21:30 on 15 February, 15 March, 17 May, 14 June, 19 July, 16 August, 20 September, 11 October and 15 November
Where:Swallowfield LF
£210 (£180 for CIAA members) or £35 per session

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