Sunday Seminar - 11 August 2019

Daoist Qigong & Tree Qigong

with Karel and Eva Koskuba

Qigong is a special form of traditional Chinese exercises for cultivating internal energy (Qi). Qi can be translated as breath or energy and gong as training or practice. These kind of exercises promote harmony and balance between body and mind.

Daoist Health Qigong are gentle spiralling exercises that involve the whole body with the focus on the lower dantian (xiadan) and the spine. They strengthen muscles and massage the internal organs, especially the reproductive organs. They include Swimming Smiling Dragon, Peng Flying, Frog Swimming, Drawing Taiji Diagrams, Increasing Vital Energy, Heavenly and Earthly Circles.
Tree Qigong is a deceptively simple exercise to create/enhance body connection and develop internal strength.

When:10:30 to 17:30 Sunday 11 August
Where:Swallowfield LF
£60 (£50 CIAA members)

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