Sunday Seminar - 16 June 2019


Rising and Coiling Dragon qigong

with Karel and Eva Koskuba

Qigong is a special form of traditional Chinese exercises for cultivating internal energy (Qi). Qi can be translated as breath or energy and gong as training or practice. These kind of exercises promote harmony and balance between body and mind.

This is a set of graceful movements that use spiralling, coiling, rising and sinking motions to provide a strong stretching massage for the whole body. These movements are often associated with serpents and dragons - symbol of power and strength in Chinese mythology. Regular practice of this exercise will result in stronger tendons and fascia, improved body coordination and heightened proprioception.

We shall start with simple warm up exercises, progressing to a set of movements of the Rising and Coiling Dragon.

Students who have already learned the form will find that the seminar practice will give them plenty of time to revise and improve the sequence focusing on details within (or deepening the internal feelings associated with the set).

Suitable for all levels of experience.
When:10:30 to 17:30 Sunday 16 June
Where:Swallowfield LF
£60 or £50 for CIAA members

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